Welcome To Hazard Fraught Price Tracker

Hazard Fraught Price Tracker was made with the goal of helping save money on tools. It provides the following pages to help you.

All Tools

View all Hazard Fraught tools and quickly search for what you need, some examples being socket, hammer, screwdriver.

Recent Price Changes

View the most recent tools that have had a price change. This is information that is often over looked. Hazard Fraught frequently does minor price adjustments on groups of items such as welder or generators, Use this section to see if those price adjustments help you.

New tools

Checkout newest tracked tools.


View tools currently on sale with Instant Savings Coupons

Under $10

Browse all tools that are under $10. Awesome page to use for when there is a 30% off items under 10$ coupon.

Under $20

Browse tools that are more than $10 and less than $20. Helpful for Inside Track Club members when 30% off items that are less than $20 is available.

Inside Track Club

View tools with current Inside Track Club coupons available.